About us.

We specialize in the remarketing of technology hardware. Watson Co has numerous sales channels, including an online store, internet auction sites, and a wide network of resellers to sell refurbished equipment and maximize your return on investment. Our expert sales staff actively works to find markets for your reusable items enabling us to pay you top value for reusable IT equipment.

Our Services

If you run a business and need to refresh your IT hardware or just need a hand with some of the tasks involved because things are getting a bit busy, then we can help. We are confident you will be pleased with the results.


We have multiple sales channels that allow us to maximize the return on your equipment. That means more money for your trade ins.

Trade In Program

Resellers and Leasing companies can utilize our expertise to implement a turn key trade in program for their customers.


Our highly skilled technicians can diagnose and repair any hardware or software damage. We provide you with reports & cost estimates.


A great way to maximize the return on your equipment. We offer consignment agreements to companies large and small.


Need to have your equipment picked up? No problem, we can also provide packing & shipping materials for equipment returns.


Proper disposal of IT hardware is critical to our environment. Its also highly regulated and illegal to just throw it into the dumpster.

Asset Security

We take responsibility for your equipment and have a number of security features to insure the safety and integrity of your hardware and data. We are proud to say we have had zero instances of theft (physical or data).

We wipe all data from your hard drives and offer DOD spec erase methods as well as hard drive shredding.

Gated Entry

Our facility has electronic gates at both the front entrance and rear exit.

Keypad Access

Entry to our building requires a keypad 5 digit code. Doors to asset storage always remain locked.

Dropcam Surveillance

We have video surveillance by dropcam that captures both audio & video saved to the cloud.

Ready To Work With Us?

You can contact us to talk more about your program.

Our Clients

We have the best clients in the world and are extremely happy when they tell us how much they value what we do.


Yes, strangely enough we've had a couple of people ask how they can contact us. So if you're interested in discussing a project or simply want to say hi you can choose any methods we provide below.

Our Office

  • Dallas,Tx 
  • 469-585-7066
  • info@watsoncoelectronics.com
  • watsoncoelectronics.com

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